How can I get auditions for acting?

A sure way to get more auditions to help kick off your acting career, is to register with a reputable casting agency, like Kids on Camera. Searching for auditions is tough and time consuming. Having a connection like Kids on Camera, that is a well-known casting agent in Johannesburg, will definitely help you to get invited to more auditions, more easily.

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How do I get into acting with no experience?

If acting has been your life-long dream, it is never too late to begin. If you think you have what it takes to be an actor or actress, even if only for commercials, we urge you to pursue your dreams! Everyone needs to start somewhere… Once you get the hang of acting auditions, and get some audition tips and training, you will gain more experience and self-confidence. Speak to us at Kids on Camera about how we can assist you.

How do I get auditions for movies in South Africa?

Kids on Camera have assisted many actors and actresses to get roles in local South African movies, and even International movies! The first step would be to get yourself on our database, so that you can be notified of suitable acting auditions for movies in South Africa. Going to as many auditions as possible is advised, to increase your chances of being spotted by directors or production companies.

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How do you become a teen actor in South Africa?

Many individuals want to pursue a career in acting when they reach their teens. Unfortunately this is a daunting and difficult endeavour that requires dedication, time and the will not to give up! Most likely, you might start off doing small acting parts in commercials, or modelling auditions for catalogues. Your opportunities will pick up as you start getting noticed.

How can I join the acting industry in South Africa?

The best way to join the acting industry and start getting acting jobs in South Africa, is to get the assistance and guidance of a reputable casting agency. Kids on Camera is one of the trusted casting agencies in Johannesburg, that has helped many child and adult actors and actresses to join the acting industry, and get parts in commercials, TV shows, local movies and international movies.

How much are actors paid in South Africa?

How much actors / actresses get paid in South Africa, is quite a complex question to answer. There are a number of factors that determine the pay or salary, such as the contract type, size of the role, experience of the actor, time on screen, exposure and more. Discuss the payment benefits with us at Kids on Camera, so that we can help you understand how you will be paid when getting a certain acting job.

How can I be on TV?

There are a number of opportunities for actors, young and old, to act on TV. You can audition for:

  • television shows and sitcoms like local soap operas
  • commercials for big brands
  • local and international movies
  • TV presenter opportunities

How do I contact an acting agent?

Kids on Camera is the acting agent in Johannesburg you need. Registration is easy and affordable, which will get you onto our database, so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a casting agency to assist with your acting career. Simply get in touch with Kids on Camera via email or telephone to get the registration process started.

Do Kids on Camera assist children and adults?

Yes, although Kids on Camera started out as a casting agency for kids in Johannesburg, we quickly identified a need for casting agencies among older individuals who wanted to start a career in acting. Kids on Camera have assisted numerous children and adults to get jobs in the acting business.

Are audition training classes worth it?

Audition training / acting classes by Kids on Camera are definitely worth it, especially for children. We make our audition training classes, fun, informative and worthwhile. Your child will improve their self-confidence, and be more prepared when going to an audition.

What is a casting agency?

A casting agency is a company that is dedicated to helping production companies find the talented actors and actresses they require for certain acting roles, and in turn, also help actors, actresses and models to get suitable auditions.

What does a casting agency do?

A casting agency plays the middle man between actors / actresses and production companies. This makes the process fin finding talent easier for production companies, and the process of finding suitable auditions, easier for the actor / actress.

Is registering with a casting agency worth it?

Registering with a reputable casting agency is definitely worth it! Just take a look at the success stories of Kids on Camera, to see for yourself. Kids on Camera will help you get as many auditions as possible to help you get noticed by directors, and to get the part you want.

How do I find a casting agent?

There are numerous casting agencies around, and just a quick online search will churn out a long list of results. But which casting agency should you choose? Make sure you choose a reputable agency with experience, references, success stories. Visit the casting agency to make sure it is legitimate. With so many scammers today, it is important to do your homework. You can rely on Kids on Camera if you are looking for casting agents in Johannesburg.

How much do casting agencies cost in South Africa?

Casting agencies are usually percentage based, and will take a commission percentage of the contract amount. Some casting agencies also ask a small registration fee (but beware of agents that ask large sums of money up front). Kids on Camera asks a small once-off fee upon registration for admin purposes and to add your profile to our database.

Which agency is best for actors?

Are some casting agencies better for you than others? Definitely! Experience in the industry is essential when looking for casting agents. Make sure you choose an agent that offers a service relevant to your needs.

How can I audition without an agent?

You can get auditions without an agent by searching for casting calls and contacting production companies. But this definitely isn't the easier way of doing it. Casting calls for auditions are not always posted publically, and it is hard and time consuming looking for auditions this way.

How do you become an actor with no experience?

Everyone needs to start somewhere. No experience doesn't mean you don’t have what it takes. Register with a casting agency and get some audition training classes to get started.

How do I become an actor in South Africa?

Your first acting role might not be a big one. The important thing is to go to as many auditions as possible, to gain experience and build your confidence. It also increased you chances of getting a role.

What qualifications do you need to be a actors?

Although there is no formal educational requirement to become an actor or actress in South Africa, all qualifications, training classes and other related activities will help you achieve your goal. Kids on Camera offer acting classes for kids to help children get started and to prepare for their auditions.

Is it hard to become an actor?

Yes, but it is not impossible. It is important to do what it takes and to put in the work. In the end, getting a role is very rewarding.

How do you get into TV acting?

The best way to get into TV acting is to register with a casting agency, so that you can get as many suitable auditions as possible, and to get some on-camera practice through audition training and acting classes.

What are audition training classes?

Audition Training classes by Kids on Camera are aimed to give children the opportunity to learn more about acting and auditions, to equip them with what they need to know, and to give them the opportunity to get the practice they need to improve. This will boost their self confidence and let them feel more at ease when going to an audition.

Registering your child with a reputable casting agent like Kids on Camera, and bringing them for audition training will help your child to get more auditions, and to make the best of them.

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