What our clients say about us

Its a Wrap,😁 it was amazing week Tash God bless you for giving this opportunity to our kids 🙏❤️🙏

Thank you kids on camera for this amazing job and exposure, love you tons.

Evening Tash, i just want to say Thank you so much for giving kimberly this opportunitywords carnt begin to express how Thankful i am you have made a dream come true😭❤️😘and for that i pray our Lord continues to Bless you and may your Cup of overflow. With Blessings 🙏❤️

Hi Tash, I trust you are well, its Zimi here. Thank you for getting my brother and I our first jobs, I really appreciate it, we really enjoyed the experience of being on action 🎬🎬 for the very first time, I truly appreciate what you have done for us, we will continue to make you proud. Once again Thank you, May God continue to bless you in abundance. 🙏🏾✨

Hi Tash...... We received payment 💃💃💃wow Didi's 1st Job payment..... Thank you so much for giving our daughter a chance to shine..... May the lord bless you abundantly 👏🙏🌺🌹💞🥳

Natasha we had so much fun!!!! Thank you for the job, she’s bombed and going to sleep, love Elexis.

Thanks Tash! Yay for our first job can’t wait for more.

Hi Tash...... We received payment 💃💃💃wow Didi's 1st Job payment..... Thank you so much for giving our daughter a chance to shine..... May the lord bless you abundantly 👏🙏🌺🌹💞🥳

Yoh she is blessed 🤞 We thank God meeting u Aunt Snsh💃🏼💃🏼 Kid's on camera 🎥 rocks💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

Jade absolutely loved her ‘combat’ experience . She had an adventurous day and thoroughly enjoyed herself! 😊

My son had a wonderful day today at a shoot, all thanks to Kids on Camera for making my son's dream of acting come true💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Brady had an incredible day today - he thoroughly enjoyed being in the army and said the venue was his heaven. He can’t wait to see the end product…

Liam had so much fun with the obsticle course from start to finish. Just what he needed to getup and going again. He said he felt like he was in propper bootcamp. 🏋🏼‍♂️

Hi Natasha. Thank you sooo much for the great opportunity that Liam had in the new film.

I have had a great experience with Kids on Camera. I signed up two of my kids with the agency on the 18th September and less than 10 days after on the 27th September my daughter went for her first ever audition and a few days later my son had to send a self tape audition to which he got the job. My son’s first job was great, he loved it. I am really impressed with kids on camera and happy that we signed up with them. 🙏🏽

Dear kids on cam. Didn’t expect to get my daughter an audition within a week of joining with you and my son a job less than two weeks!!!

My experience on Kids on Camera it’s has been awesome . I’m very impressed how quickly my son got a job it’s was only 2 weeks I registered to Kids On Camera , the shooting was amazing my son was very excited that he will be on Tv. Thank you so much Natasha I’m so greatfully that I choose Kids on Camera

Mercy joined Kids on Camera Agency in August 2021. She underwent some training with Natasha which helped her improve her self-confidence skills. Natasha's friendly, welcoming and encouraging demeanor made Mercy's experience at the agency really pleasant. While in training Mercy made a lot of new friends worked well with other children signed to the agency and learnt how to be natural in front of the camera how to improvise.
Natasha is a really great person and goes the extra mile for her kids.
Mercy has recently done a advert for Vodacom and a few other auditions.
Natasha gave us all the details and support overall Kids on Camera is an amazing and outstanding Agency.

My experience with kids on camera has been awesome, I am very impressed with how quickly I was sent off for auditions and more importantly how quickly I booked my first commercial through the agency. Shooting was amazing, everyone was friendly and I'm definitely looking forward to working with kids on camera, to further myself in the industry that I love so much

Dear Tannie Natasha
When my mom asked me to choose which agency I wanted to join, something told me that I needed to join Kids on Camera 💃🏾
Since I joined your agency, Life has just been too good and I can literally see my dreams coming true. Being part of the Skeem Saam KZN cast was such a nice adventure. I enjoyed every moment of it... I had so much fun!
On Monday I met the KwaMamazala cast and I was so thrilled 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾. How can I forget to mention the fact that I met my Child Star Idol, Omhle Tshabalala. I used to watch him and now I am rubbing shoulders with him.
Thanks so much. My mom is also happy with just how you look after us and make sure we have the best experience 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

I am Thanbg,Shooting the advert for Nedbank was such a great pleasure, working with all the crew was such fun and pure enjoyment. When the directors called action I would really get excited because I really really enjoyed being in front of the camera🤗.I want to thank mam Natasha for all her help and support with auditions, she helped me with my audition tapes and how I should properly audition, ultimately helping me get the job. Its was such an exciting experience to get casted in the advert and be in front of the camera I really enjoyed it. ❤️❤️🤗

Dear Kids on camera
Thank you for the amazing experience and exposure to the advertising industry, Torey has learnt so much and had so much fun with her last two jobs. Thank you for the opportunity for her to be showcased on such a huge platform and that is all because of you Natasha always looking out for the best for my daughter.
The crew for her PQ print and the Old Mutual ad was truly amazing and took such good care of her.
Thank you for all you do for our kids. You guys truly Rock.👌🏼
Varonique and Torey 💕

*_Hey Tash🙋🏽‍♀️_*
*_Guess what🤭🤭in a couple of hours Sidisi is turning 17years🥳🥳💃🏽💃🏽on the 16 August._*
*_And I really want to let you know that I appreciate all the hard work you've done for me getting me auditions,hiring me🥺🙏🏾and always letting me know that I'm doing a good job, 😭❤️that always motivates me and encourages me to do better._* *_Thank YOU for everything Natasha you have really turned my life upside down🌍_* ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good Morning Natasha. Araba and I arrived back home in Mahikeng a bit late last night, hence the delayed response...We were the first to get to the Audition, then at around 12 Araba was called in with the second girl to arrive for Audition. She had so much fun and enjoyed it very much. It took about 10 minutes then she came out but she came out of the Audition Studio feeling quite excited and happy with her performance. Her confidence and love for the Industry has doubled since meeting you and attending her first audition yesterday 🙏🏿. We are really praying and hoping that she will get this role, the shoot date will be 30 June

Thank you natasha for everything that you do for my kids I am truly grateful Tshiamo going to KZN and staying in a lodge and they gave us pocket money skeem Saam is amazing

And my daughter abo is having such fun on set lovely being here We so excited Thank you kids in camera for everything

Hi my baby Lithembelihle Ngwane landed a job on Isono, we were called Natasha who’s her agency to let us know that they wanted her.. we went there the first day and oh my goodness the actors all wanted to hold her.. when she went for her set the directors are always looking forward to seeing her on camera they say she’s a natural and a show stopper 🤗... she cries when she’s meant to cry and she burps when she’s meant to burp on scene.. she laughs and plays with her toys and exchanges them while the camera is rolling.. and all of this makes her a show stopper 😅...I’m loving the experience so far.. everyone has been really kind and loving.. looking forward to many more gigs .. thank you kindly. We love kids on camera.

Kids On Camera . The best agency in Jozi. Scratch that, Best Agency in GP.

My son Siyamthanda joined Kids on Camera and got an audition 2days after joining, ever since it been audition after another. Within a month of joining, my son got a job with Macdonald. That was super cool. But the best part was when he secured the bag💸💸. Natasha has been so good, the love she has for the kids, it is out of this world. She goes all out for the kids. Auditions galore👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿 Tash, we can never thank you enough.🌹🌹🌹🌹

I am Tapiwa My shoot was absolutely fantastic and it did not seem as though I was working, it was fun. Before I was extremely nervous but Natasha was super positive and that helped me out a lot. I enjoy being a part of the Kids on Camera family.

Thanks Natasha (Kids in camera). Omolemo was able to secure a role on tv kids show called “know your story” that is currently playing on sabc2 every Monday’s and Tuesday @ 16:00. Through the training that you gave to her for tv presenting she was able to display her talent at the audition and she was the producers favorite. The experience she also received from making that show has proven that she has a bright future ahead of her in the industry. Although it was a long 18 episode shoot she managed to complete it with a success. Thanks again Natasha for making sure that our kids talents are noticed out there❤️❤️❤️❤️

I searched on Google for a good agency to represent my son. I immediately found *kid's on camera* and was very impressed. I went to register my son the following week and before the end of that day I received a call from his agent telling me he got a role in the *MNet* series *LEGACY*. Honestly I was so shocked and excited at the same time, seeing my baby on tv would be a dream come true. I immediately told my whole family and friends and everyone was looking forward to seeing Ashton on TV.
We met everyone on set, my son loved every minute of it, everyone was so welcoming and my son enjoyed engaging with them, i was more excited to meet Ashtons mother on set, it was *mishqah parthiephal* (keeping up with the kandasamys star) I'm very thankful to *Tasha* from *Kids on camera* and would recommend this agency to all mothers

Kids on Camera was the best decision I ever made for my Twins Aya inga and Abongile
Within a month they had an opportunity to work in a movie which is a Zulu christmas.
Which was the best experience for their live.
Kids on CAMERA unlocked the potential .

We would like to thank @ Natasha @kidsoncamera for the dedication that she has shown to our son @Legacy. Thank you for believing in him when many would have thought that he does not have the 'required' experience. Through your unwavering support and hustle, Legacy has been featured in no less than 7 adverts, in less than a year and all of them during the lockdown. You never used the lockdown as an excuse, you did your part by sending him to all these auditions and advising him accordingly. Do not ever lose heart, your effort is highly appreciated, even though we might not express our gratitude enough. Keep on keeping on and once again THANK YOU.

Ogadinma has done 2 jobs under kids on camera one for the clover milk and one for dettol and he's happy being with kids on camera and grateful for the opportunity they gave him

Hi Natasha Motso’s self confidence has improved drastically since her 1st job! She loves the camera and smiles a lot lately. Thank you for encouraging her and for always making sure she’s well prepared for jobs and auditions.

New dischem commercial

Hey Tasha

They fetching Ashton at 7 today
It's been an amazing experience,I'm so happy I came to u to groom my kids
Kids on camera is the best Agency 💓😁💃💃💃
The day I came I did not even have to attend an audition. And my son got cast on the TV sitcom Legacy.
Love kids on camera.

Good afternoon Tash, Where do I start. Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave my 4 month old boy. We as his parents just want to say we appreciate you and we thank you for from the bottom of our hearts. His still part of the cast on ISONO and his doing a brilliant job. Thank you Tash Kind regards Qhawe's Mom

Thank you Tash for putting my boy on the chicken licken and dischem and now dstv advert 😁 awesome staff. Thank you so much Natasha for what you are doing for him. May God bless you and multiply your business.

Morning Tash....wow he couldnt stop talking about the wonderful experience he had yesterday...his so overwhelmed. Thank you once again ♥️🙏🏼

Even mam I like to thank u for Everthing u done for my kidz, I saw Ayanda today for de first time in TV all because of u thankx again Natashia God must continue bless u and yr family thankx ans good nite

DSTV kids shoot

Hi Natasha, I apologize for sending the pictures this late, i was so exhausted and I completely forgot. I had so much fun today and once again id like to thank you for this opportunity:)

I came to kids on camera and after three days my baby got a job on ISONO as part of baby Gabrielle. He didn't even have to go for an audition. It was from his profile. So happy kids on camera. Great job.

I came to sign my baby about a month ago and a few weeks later you called me to inform me That she was selected for a baby role Tash I could not believe it ..you communicate efficiently and ensure that clear communication is apprehended 👏🏻I’m very happy with your management skills and my baby was treated like a princess even on the casting days. Thank you so much Kids on camera

This is from Tshedza I am 13 year old girl aunty Tash: I asked myself when I got to the filming set "Am I going to forget my lines but I just told myself I gotta do what I always wanted to do and that is being on TV. That was an amazing and wonderful experience I am still in awe. The crew said we were great for 1st timers and my parents were still shocked by the speedy job aunty Natasha got us,within 2 days.Thanks to our wonderful agent aunty Natasha and our agency Kids on Camera!!!🥰💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Meshrique Mathivha: I am a 12 year old boy. My first experience was great thanks to my agency Kids on Camera and aunty Natasha. We were having fun, we laughed and they said we were good for first time performers. What a great experience my sister and I had yesterday. I love Kids on Camera.

Hi Tasha it is still unbelievable, wow so quick and prompt you landed my kids a job. They joined your team last Saturday and on Monday you landed them a job. You are amazing, they love you aunty Natasha they are proud to be a part of Kids on Camera. They are super excited!!

Can't believe we got jobs as voice over artists one week after registering!!! Unbelievable work natasha.

Kids on camera best service. My child just did the voice over yesterday without going for an audition. I will always recommend you.

Your girl couldn’t wait to tell you how much fun she had. Thank you for granting her this opportunity❤️ Have great evening.

Hi Natasha. Thank you again for the call for auditions yesterday, It was a great experience, and the girls enjoyed every bit of it and it was fun. 🌸🌸🌸

Signing up my son on kids on camera has been the best decision and greatest blessing. My kid started in 2018 and he has done over 10 jobs already. From Knorr, Excella mayonnaise, hungry lion ,Debonairs, Polana , Blue Ribbon radio ad, MTV kids, Dial Direct , Boomerang Africa...the list is endless. My son and I have even flown to Cape Town for the first time in our lives. He has gained so much confidence and sense of responsibility. All thanks to Kids on camera. It is such a joy working with Natasha, an agent who is so friendly and always has my son's best interest at heart. I secretively think my son is her favourite. Hahahaha! Thank you kids on camera. I look forward to a more lengthy and prosperous relationship

Hey guys I’m Misokuhle Zondo I’ve always wanted to act or appear on tv then I thought that since it’s lockdown I can pull some strings and do so. So I went to google with my dad searching for an agent we then found the agent Kids On Camera I’ve never been to their office or even met physically but then we started video calling and and taking pictures Then luckily Kids On Camera found me a job at producer sound. The experience was very good I leant so much n they loved me. And I’d like to say thank you Kids On Camera for assisting me and I hope you will carry on doing so 💕

Hi there ,

My name is Charlene Njikelana . In the 04 of June my kids and I was looking a kids modeling and my kids said mum when are you registering .I then decided let me try got on the internet. Got tash details and decided to call her.The girls always wanted to do this but I just did not have the time .The same day I sent Tash pictures of the girls. The Saturday we registered the next Monday she Abigail was called for an Audition and the Friday she got the Job. Tash was absolutely amazing. Such a effortless experience. I believe my are in good hands with Tash .

Jachin the start for muvhango. Now on the new aqufresh TV advert 2020. Thanks kids on camera ❤️

Hi Natasha.... It's Manqoba on text.... Well I would like to say thanks for the opportunity that you gave me to do the video... And I just did it like that.... They what you want it to be like.... And due to my happily ever spirit and energy I would like to say to you.... I'm looking forward for more opportunities as for young peopleike me.... To be acting and advising some of your good job that you take.... Looking forward for your online training and learning and online training program.... Love you ❤️ Have a blessed day.... Yours faithfully Manqoba Melusi Nkambule

My time with kids on camera for the skeem saam auditions was such a Great experience that I'd enjoy doing it again. I'd also like to Thank Natasha For getting me the opportunity to attend the auditions for the first Time.I hope that I get the Job and achieve my dreams. God Bless.❤️

Omhle Tshabalala had just been cast for the TV programme called SANADAL. Under lockdown. Via self tapes!

the online registration was phenomenal, I enjoyed it a lot and I am really looking forward to working with kids on camera from sefudi motshidisi.

Thanks natasha for the online registration my kids are so happy and excited, can’t wait! Love lindo and Princess mom

I registered my cutie pie baby online, thanks kids on camera, Alexi mom

Oratile already is signed up for the zoom lesson, thanks Tash

So happy you started online registrations, we safe at home and get to be on the database , it s a win win, love arabellas mom

Thanks so much Natasha. 🥰🥰 They said it's airing from the 5th of May on Boomerang. So shoot was done via the Call what an experience 🥰🥰 Even on lockdown from our home Thank you so much for everything🥰🥰🥰🥰

Zoë truly enjoyed her day at the Edgars shoot for her it felt like she was in a magical world filled with beautiful clothes and animals! She dressed up as a funky princess for the first shot wearing a pink 2 piece tracksuit and puffer with a tiara to top off her look. For her outfit change she wore a lovely white jersey with pink corderoys and boots and looked absolutely stunning. She made 2 new friends and it was a fulfilled day in a magical world. The crew made her feel so beautiful and cheered her on all the way. She absolutely loved the sets and props❤ Thanks kids on camera!!

Good Evening The shoot went well. They all loved Legacy and they didn’t believe that this is his first job. They said he’ll definitely be getting more jobs after this because he is a natural. They called him the ‘mini Bruno Mars’🤣. Thanks Natasha for giving him an opportunity to be on TV. He really loves it.

New international advert I’m ever so glad that I was introduced to you. The girls were so excited yesterday after the training. The dad is just as happy for them. And so happy mpumi got her first job with mtn and she did not even attend an audition. What an agency. Thanks natasha for all your support.

New international advert Going up in a hot air balloon. What an amazing experience. Thanks kids on camera.. Seth has officially finished we were just sorting out logistics with clothing for Luci to continue... was an absolutely amazing shoot and Seth loved every minute... the director from the overseas client also had very many lovely things to say about Seth 😉

Jade olivier new ice cream launch. I had the best day it started at 5 am but it was worth it.. Thank you kids on camera

Ella loved her first advert, she enjoys acting and feels very comfortable in front of the camera and following the directions thanks kids on camera. And she didn't even have to go for an audition.

Morning I came early and did the shoot with my son and it was a great experience thank you so much and we done now. Hoping to have more jobs in the future 😊😊

Good morning Natasha, I'm Mable, Tsegofatso's mother on Saturday I sent them there with her sister for training and she got a certificate for confidence 😊🥰 I couldn't be more happier as a parent, so thank you so much. They didn't come back with much information about what's going to happen next or when they'll be coming there again so that's basically what I'm asking. Thanks.

Good morning Natasha, I hope you good. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us an opportunity on Saturday to register my daughter Lethabo Matheba and giving her the training. She was so excited and hoping for more. She sang for me when we got home and it was so lovely. Thank you so much and have a blessed day. Linah Matheba

Our girl today 🙏🏼thank u for the love n the opportunity god bless you

Good morning Natasha, I'm Mable, Tsegofatso's mother on Saturday I sent them there with her sister for training and she got a certificate for confidence 😊🥰 I couldn't be more happier as a parent, so thank you so much. They didn't come back with much information about what's going to happen next or when they'll be coming there again so that's basically what I'm asking. Thanks.

Video Testimonial

Our girl today 🙏🏼thank u for the love n the opportunity god bless you

Good Morning Natasha,thank you for sending us to the auditions. Gaisang enjoyed her first auditions.

Morning Natasha. Sisipho's mum. I hope you are doing fine, l'm doing fine too. I wanyed to tell you that the Isuzu shoot went very well. Thank you so much. I will hear from you. Thanks.

Good day

Thank you so much for inviting zinathi for the audition for Sanlam babies on Monday,It went well..as well as it be for a 2year old. hoping for the best.

thanks for the experience.

Kind regards
zinathi's mom

Hi Natasha we went for the auditions yesterday at Auckland park.my boy was very much excited 😁only the the twins were complaining that I never go to there auditions with them😁😁but I really appreciate what you are doing in my kids.they like to be on TV a lot.thank you very much.

New Sitcom Baby: I registered lekhomo with kids on camera on a Saturday and in less than a week we had an audition with vusion production for a sitcom, 3days after the auditions I got a call from the agent with great news, my son got the job exciting feeling right there. Our journey with vusion production was wonderful met different celebrities who worked with my son, their staff treated us very fairly and well. Its a dream come through experience all thanks to kids on camera and I highly recommend the agency to my family and friends.

Hi Natasha. I just wanted to tell you that the Lionguard show from ear candy is successful and is playing on TV, I watched it and it was great and I just wanted to say thank you.


Hi Tasha Just wanted to say thank you so much for my daughter, Katia’s first Job. We went to register with Kids on camera on the 14th of January and my daughter got an audition there and then a week later she was recording for Boomerang. This has boosted her confidence levels and cannot wait for more to come.

Khungeka Katia’s mom

This Note comes with hearts full of love and gratitude, to express to you our sincere and grateful thanks for you Donating to Nazareth House. Your goodwill, faithfulness, commitment and support to us here at Nazareth House is what enables us to continue with our caring ministries to the defenceless children whom we care for. Once again we thank you for your caring hearts. Your support in any form makes such a difference in some way or other.

Wendy Cheng

Good Morning, We went to the auditions you sent us to last Monday in Auckland Park. Thank you so much for the opportunity you granted us. Have a lovely day.

Lathitha Mdyogolo's mother

Morning Nolita she had a good time yesterday every one was there,on shooting there were impressed about her telling me that she's amazing,talented,i would like to thank you to give us this opportunity my God bless your business and your family

Hi, Natasha I just want to thank you for everything you have done so far for my son Keifer. He registered in Sep 2016 and within 2 weeks he went to 5 auditions and 1 advert shoot. You have helped him to build his confidence and enjoy the industry. I am so grateful to Kids on Camera and look forward to a long working relationship.

The Jozikids Team

Hey Natasha I went G stop casting thanks for me senting there it was super,super Great The Ppl there are really amazing from Oratile

Hellow Nat thank you so much for the opportunity we are from the auditions as we speak n Thato Mokgotho had fun and enjoyed every moment of it ...

Jeanique Fourie 11 yrs old – NIKE add –
The day we shot the NIKE advertisement was very, very special to me. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends and it was really inspirational for me to see all of the young achievers there. I’m really looking forward to doing more adds and movies. We shot the advertisement in Soweto and I had to wake up super early to be there on time.
The food and snacks were delicious, the people on set were so friendly and nice, they all made me feel at home and they gave me so many compliments, that I felt so special. Thank you so, so much – it was a wonderful day and thank you to Natasha at Kids on Camera who made this possible for me.


Greetings, I am still shocked by what happened on Saturday !!! We came to register and left with an audition. You AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Thulile Precious Magoro

Hi Natasha, I would like to thank you for giving our 4 year old son an opportunity to be part of the Old Mutual social media campaign. He has been with Kids On Camera for a month and two weeks but he already went for a shoot. We really appreciate what you are doing for the kids. Nyiko.

The Jozikids Team

Fantastic Casting Agency in every respect! I have registered my son with them and have been very happy with the friendly and efficient service we have received. I highly recommend Kids on Camera to all "wanna be stars".

The Jozikids Team

I'd like to say thank you very much for accepting Siyo at your agent and strongly believe that she will make it in the industry. I have had family members and friends that wait long to be placed anywhere...thank you so much

Siyos mom

Hi Natasha! Its Mpumelelo's mom, Just wanted to let you know that we went to the MTN Audition last week Wednesday. Thank You so much for giving us the opportunity. And I also want to find out if we will be getting response from You or the Casting crew. Thanks!

Hi, I wanted to give you feedback, it went well, the casting agent saw my 6 yr old who was just there for moral support & asked to see her as well although she is not 8, she liked her look & attitude. She wants to see the 4 year old next week when casting for ultramel they'll give you the details. Thanks for being our agent

Hi dear hoping u are having a fabulous friday. Just wanted to thank you for making a difference into our lives. The auditions have increased Tshepo and Kgothatso confidence. Thank you

I can't believe our son got his first pay. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Thank you so much for the huggies opportunity you gave us. It was a great experience it went very well and we hope he does go through and get exposed to the casting world. Thank you. Portia (mom)

Thank you Natasha for exposing me to this world of showbiz and I am now confident more than ever to act with BIG STARS like Laurence Fishbourne. I cannot wait to see myself in this series the day it arrives in South Africa…I will be a star as well!!! - Read more... Lesedi Kolotsi

Hi Natasha,I would like to thank you so much for registering my two kids, Zethu had a really great time at the audition training,he couldn't stop talking about it and I'm sure Zinathi had a great time too because when we were waiting for Zethu we took a walk around Norwood and she acted like a celebrity walking around greeting and waving at anyone who paid attention to her. Thank you! Zethu & Zinathi's mom

Morning Natasha, just checking up, my kids cannot wait to go for audition since their aunt Lieketseng is going for two this week. Thank you very much for the speed process. Very soon will be the little one. Thanks! Kamano & Motheo's mum

I take my hat off for kids on camera,only a week after registering my kid and she is called 4 auditions. 2 my suprise I took my daughter in for auditions yesterday and I was also auditioned! I salute u.. Keep it up & God bless

Hi Natasha I wanted to say thank you so much! I had so much fun at the audition for dettol

Good day. Thank you for you for your Excellent work because my Kids only registered on Saturday with KIDS ON CAMERA and now on Tuesday she was contacted and sourced for Auditions on Wednesday. Miranda Makhubela

Hi Natasha. Thank you very much for sending my son Lwandle to Edgars auditions yesterday.I am very impressed on how fast you guys sourced auditions for him.I am positive that more audition and work is coming for him as he enjoy being recorded and taking photos. Thank you so much, we looking forward to work together with you guys. Mom

Hi there, thanks for the opportunity on Saturday. Your client treated us extremely well and were so hospitable. My son'a name is Alexander Sivalingam. Please see the link to the Overnight Babysitters’ website http://overnight-babysitters.co.za/. Thanks for everything that you have introduced us to so far. It has been GREAT!Regards Shivani

My grandson got a job and I got the opportunity to go with him to Malaysia. It was our first trip overseas. The experience was one I will cherish. We had lots of fun, met very interesting people. Thank you Kids On Camera for such an amazing experience.Granny

I got a job through kids on camera, I went to Malaysia with my granny. I had alot of fun. I met some very nice people and made lots of friends. Also met 2 directors one who worked with Chris Brown. Thank you Kids On Camera for the opportunity.Jayden

Morning Natasha, as a little girl I’ve always wanted to be a superstar and see myself on TV like my favourite stars. Kidz on camera granted me such an amazing opportunity at such a young age is really awesome. Natasha you made my dream come true, I went to register with the agency in Oct 2015 by end of Nov I went for auditions for Mfolozi Street 2 and walla….. I made it. I couldn’t be more thankful about how God made it for me. This is just the beginning. Thank you NatashaEric (11 years)

Hi Tash its Mpilo' s mom I would like to tell you that I was so happy on the day of auditions everything went well as you said and thanks again am now waiting for the day of shoot the big dayMpilo's Mom

Also thank you for the work that Jaden is getting. It has lifted him immensely and brought out great confidence. This has carried through into his school performance. He really believes in what he is doing and I am watching a little professional at work.Sean Naidoo

Hi Natasha, thank you so much for doing what you do best. I can't believe how fast it was for Esihle Msimango to get his first job with the Agent. We truly appreciate it.Nokuthula Msimango

I am very impressed with how fast your agency sourced auditions for my son Asante. I'm looking forward to working with you. Lerato Rikhotso

Once again thank you, I really appreciate it is not long she registered with you but she started to work already. I'm positive that more work is coming for her and she really enjoys it.Judith

Hi Natasha, just updating you about the audition you sent us to on Saturday for Oreo. It went well & hopefully will hear from them and thank you so much for the hard work you do.Pule Mnikathi

This is Thato Rakhatoes mother, I saw the PQ catalogue with Thato in it. I am so happy and I want to thank you.Palesa Rakhatoe

Morning Tash, thank u so much for landing me that job. It was an amazing experience getting to meet new people and interacting with them. Claudia Manhique

Hi Natasha, Thank you for the warm reception that we received from you on Saturday. You dispelled all the negative stories I heard and read about casting agents. And most of all Lyana is so taken with you. She is already counting the days to Saturday. Ursula Naidoo

Hi Natasha, Just want to update you about the audition you sent us to today at Rosebank Mews,it went very well and hopefully we will hear from them.Thank you so much for your hard work.Looking forward working with you.Hope hearing from you soon.God bless. Lesedi

Hi Natasha. Thank you for doing your job as well as you do. I've been acting for a while and thus far,I have yet to meet a manager that actually manages her/his artists like you do. Mdu

Hi Natasha. Thank you for the wonderful warmth and love we received during the registration looking forward to a wonderful relationship and hope to get more auditions. Given and Boitumelo

Dear Natasha, It was nice meeting you and thank you for the opportunity given to my kids to audition within the first day of registration, they both had fun and they fitted well on the clothes for JET. Ntokozo was also asked to fit in and audition, she audition for 3-4. Thank you so much for everything, once again. Hope you have a lovely day ahead.Boitumelo

Dear Natasha, I wanted to tell you, the people at Binnelanders made us feel so welcome the first time we were there! From the receptionist, to the wardrobe lady, make up lady, on set crew, casting team, technical team and production team too (I hope I didn't leave anyone out because they were all great). They really went out of their way to show Keanu around and ensured he was comfortable all the time.We enjoyed being there and it was an awesome experience. I am sure we will feel like VIP's again tomorrow for Keanu's second shoot. Pls tell your client how impressed we are. I think in this world we live in we need to give compliments where it's due.Adele

Morning Natasha Kids on camera has amazed me!!!. last week i took my son vuyiswa Magagula for registration, and within 6 days you managed to set him up for audition, Wow this is unusual for me!!!! I must say that I really had doubts when i saw the number of people coming in to your office for registration. I thought yooooo this was a waste of time and money, as we came all the way from Mpumalanga (Nelspruit). With the registration of only R350, compare to other agencies you are changing half of what they charge but it takes more than 2 months for them to call u for auditions. I won't close my mouth about kids on camera, especially here in Nelspruit because many people love to see their kids on TV but they don't know what to do and where to start. I am sure they would love to join this agency, especially if they see Vuyiswa on TV or in a magazine. I am really looking forward in working with you in making my son's dream becomes a reality, I believe in you and your agency. We will see you on the last Saturday of March for him to attend the class. Mcwaaaaaaaaaaa I love u, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Vuyi Nkambule

Reitumetse's first advert shooting was such a huge experience for both us, It was a day filled with joy, excitement & tears especially for her mom. All she could say was 'Mommy I can't wait to see myself on TV'. This is the moment we both been patiently looking forward to. Reitumetse was soo calm, free and friendly to people around her & that brought lots of tears to me. As I was waiting for her to finish her set, I got lots of great comments about her, the participants were very impressed with her performance and no one believed that it was her first time. We are looking forward to more of these exciting events & the whole family can't wait to see her on TV for the 1st time. Many thanks to Kids on camera for choosing her. Mom

We are so excited, our boy BOKANG joined KIDS ON CAMERA last year March, He got jobs for COLGATE, ULTRAMEL, DETTOL, JET CLOTHING AND HE EVEN DID THE Interview in the RADIO. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks KIDS ON CAMERA to make our boy a celebrity. Thumps up for Kids on CameraMom

Our experience the past two weeks have been one rollercoaster. We joined “Kids on Camera” on Saturday and by surprise went for an audition on Monday – We were so nervous as this was our first venture into the media world. There were so many people auditioning – My mom quoted – “Guys take this as an experience don’t think much of this will come off” Well it was not four days later and the sms’s streamed through – Gee they both got the JOB !! We could not believe it “WE GOT A CALL BACK!!!!” - We got a call back as “GO DADDY - GRIFFS KIDS” ........... ...This was unbelievable both Chloe and Katelyn got the JOB!! I was so happy for them..... The kids..... Our experience was an amazing one.... We met people from all over the world. The casting team and the director came from various parts from overseas ie New York ..... We had to go for Wardrobe – choosing clothes for the shoot – Wow how much fun this was!! We had to get into this big red truck and pretend we were tired – They created the scene being a cold winters night and raining hard whilst our dad Griff was driving home from work. The director spoke to us and giving us direction as to what to do.....Chloe yawn....rub your eyes ........Katelyn close your eyes and pretend you tired.......now move a little....Chloe lean against your sister....so we pretended......what fun we had and the experience going through the motion...This was our first day of acting in a old factory yard and truck. We were then called for the second shoot which was done in a old house .......we had to wait in the park..... then we were called by the director. We had to pretend to eat supper by the table and dad showed us his new web page for his new business...we acted very interested and had loads of fun!!!!! There was so many people from wardrobe, people working on and off the set. The various objects and camara’s was all over – We never knew that their was this much preparation the goes into creating an add – what a blast!! This was and will be an unforgettable and amazing experience... Thank you Natasha for giving us this opportunity.........This would not have been possible with out you!!! Thank you Lots of Love Chloe and Katelyn

Hey Natasha how are you doing? Well I hope you are fine and thank you for getting me in that advert it was really a great experience being in a set.

K thank you for everything, Palesa is tots excited for this inspirational shoot. Thank u for everything Natasha.

My name is Palesa Nonyane. I'm 11 years old. I've registered with Kids on Camera on July 2017 and the following week after registration I was sent for two auditions. Until now which is September 2017 I've already done three auditions and out of three I got two of those. I'm a well-spoken person and like to try new things. I play netball, doing athletics and favourite is doing Ballet. Also won title of Afrikaans poetry day in 2016 and in 2017 I won for English in our School at Lynnwoodridge Primary. I will be participating on the performance award for ballet at the end of the year 2017.

Natasha from Kids on Camera has always been supportive and very helpful in finding and sending my daughter to auditions for jobs which would best suit her. We have been lucky enough to be selected for a job and we are grateful for helping us find these opportunities, because we know she cannot guarantee work but only help find the right jobs for my daughter, the rest is up to my daughter to impress the interviewer. We were at an audition and saw many children being turned away as their agents had not followed the brief and requirements laid out. Thank you Natasha - we really love working with you!! Tracy Beukes

Natasha is a lovely, friendly and very professional lady. She strives to always put the children's best interests at heart and also ensures to only let you know about auditions for which criteria your child fits into. We have been referred to many auditions and my daughter worked at the 2017 Standard Bank Top Woman Awards, interviewing many professional woman and celebrities.

Thank you Natasha. they were actually looking for Primary school kids, the experience was amazing. Thank you so much she had fun.

Afternoon Tash. Thank you so much for the opportunity given to my boys, their first experience and were so over the moon, we did take them for the audition and just holding thumbs for a call-back, God bless you in many ways, what you did for us will certainly not be forgotten, you are really awesome. Stay Blessed Esther Qwabe

Hi Natasha, it's Bongas mom was there this morning with my son, just wanted to say thank u for the great service this morning. Hope to hear from the agency soon. This is my WhatsApp number. Regards Kwazi

Good afternoon auntie Tasha. I would like to thank you again for everything that you have done for Kabelo. I can't wait to see him on PQ catalogue when they come out.... stay good and be blessed auntie Tasha

WOW!! These photos are very gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity, it was Khaya’s first shooting and he was very happy, I hope there are many more to come. Thank you again.

Phindile Sibiya

Good afternoon Natasha. Thanks for the opportunity, Khumo enjoyed the shoot yesterday, so did I. Will send you some photos, I asked from another Mom. My phone was flat.

Hi Natasha please try and push for the boys this year in all areas. To gain as much experience wherever possible. Thank you for been an amazing agent to both of them.

Hi Natasha, This is Lwazi's mom, my boy went for auditions yesterday and although his nerves got the better of him I still would like to thank you for the opportunity you've given him and the once that are yet to come. I know he will do better next time.

Regards, Lerato

Thank you so much Natasha. Its amazing how I brought my little Natasha for registration and ended up being signed up, and before we know it I already attended my first audition and got the job in less than 2weeks. This is great big ups!!

Hi Natasha, Thank you for the wonderful warmth and love we received during the registration, looking forward to a wonderful relationship and hope to get more auditions.

Morning Natasha, The auditions went well yesterday, thank you so much for the opportunity you granted us. Have a nice day. Thank you

PP Bogatsu

Hi Natasha, thank you for using Morgan on Sunday for the shoot - she absolutely LOVED it and has definitely given her more confidence going forward. The response from Funeka - was that Morgan did an amazing job and she said she was lovely and very professional - they finished the shoot at 1230 (so it seems everything went very well as they had anticipated later. They were treated so well and everything was super organized. Have a great day further

Claire Schultz

Hi my name is Declan Linaker, I’m 11 years old and my agent is Kids on Camera. I joined Kids on Camera when I was 18 months old. My first job was a photo shoot for an Edgar’s catalogue. I then did a TV advert for Huggies nappies and my mom ended up doing it with me. My mom decided that was enough fame for me and for 9 years I never did anymore work. I asked her to sign me up again with Kids on Camera and in my first week of signing up again I got to do a catalogue for PQ clothing and very exciting for me I auditioned for the Toys R Us/Nickelodeon advert and I got chosen. I’m having so much fun and can’t wait for more work. Thank you.


When asked by Natasha to write about my experience being chosen to be on a TV advert I must admit I found it difficult to put into words as my emotions were undescribable. I will give it a shot though. When I went for the audition I had mixed feelings on the one hand I was excited but on the other I was nervous and felt unprepared. I went first and I came out feeling that the person who interviewed me and filmed me was very comforting and made me feel at home and relaxed. When I got the call that I made it I felt very special, proud and excited but also upset because my sister never got it. The day of the filming I felt like I was walking on a cloud. I was so proud and full of confidence. I felt like a different person. I went for make-up and felt uncomfortable because I have never worn make-up before. Then we waited to go in. I was so excited and answered the questions which I did find politically connected to the best of my ability. It was truly a brilliant experience. I loved every second of it. I would like to end of by saying a big Thank u Natasha for giving me this opportunity. It was an experience that I will never forget. I was truly blessed to be chosen. An experience of a life time. Thank u.

Sorry for not replying earlier, the kids from kids on camera were such a delight to have on the show thank you so much for organising them. SABC has not uploaded the episode yet however we will send you a link as soon as its available.

Hi tash, thanks so much for meeting with us today, you really are amazing and I’m so glad we found you, forget to mention Liam is a green belt in taekwondo . Have a lovely week.

Hi Aunt Natasha thanks for sending my daughter to the Auditions she experienced a lot of things yesterday at Auckland park. I wish she can get a job. God bless you.

Very good evening, I’m very excited with the money, I don't even know what to say. Ayas dad.

Hey, Its Temoso Mohlala. I just wanted to let you know that everything went very well on Saturday. The shooting was great everyone was very nice to me...I had a wonderful time on set

Morning Natasha, I would like to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving Tlotliso a chance. We saw the advert last night. It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much

Hey aunty Tash i got the money...Thank you, and i'm reading for another audition.

Hi Natasha. Hope you're well. Thank you for yesterday's training session I learned a lot. Njabulo

I also learned a lot from this Vodacom casting audition and meeting people too. Thank you again. So, if you have any more available & you think I'm capable doing them. May you please send them my way. Njabulo

Morning. Thank you so much for the good work that you are doing. I love your place and you are so organised in your work and you show dedication. May God bless you in hundred folds and may you prosper in all that you are doing. Regards Thembi.

Good morning Mam, we went well there what I can tell you that was wonderful, she's gradually gaining an experience. Aya’s dad

Thank you so much for helping me find the location for the Metropolitan audition. This was her first one and she was not nervous. Hopefully she gets through so that we all get paid.

And it was only kids on cam which amazed me but that means one thing you do your job excellent which I am thankful for and I know I am on a real cool agent.

Good morning Natasha I've received the payment thank you very much for everything.

Hi Natasha, Kgabane says all went well today at the shoot. We really thank you for the opportunity.

Morning Natasha, I've been to let you know that Mpumi and Bonolo really enjoyed the training class on Saturday. They cannot stop raving about it. Thanx a mil

Good morning Mam yesterday we went well there, what I can tell their standard is slowly going up but in all , I appreciate what you have done to my daughter ,Thanks so much.

He is so excited to do something for himself because he is doing lot of promos for the church. He can't stop talking about the opportunity given to him. In his own expression, he really gives big thanks to all of you and very happy to be part of this experience.

Hi mam Natasha this is Tshepiso the one who got the job I wanted to say THANK YOU and may the Lord continued to bless you the Director was so cool and kind and so calm everyone we were working with was extremely cool so the pics we couldn’t take much because we didn't have time THANK YOU

Natasha you unbelievably amazing ...you really responded quickly for my second auditions I went on the mayonnaise auditions crossing figures

Morning auntie Tasha thanks for inviting me to the auditions yesterday I really appreciate it and it was a great experience for me.

HI Natasha, Chantelle here. I would like to thank you for the training yesterday it was really a day to remember. Well I kind of believe I was misunderstood. It's just dancing and I are a horrible mixture. I'm actually a jolly and bubbly person. Confidence is not a problem dancing is. I will send my pic just in case u don't recognize me. Just give me a chance to prove myself as long as it doesn't include me having to seriously dance.

Hi Natasha, Chantelle here I'm using my mom's phone just to send this message to you. I was supposed to send it yesterday but after the auditions I got caught up in some stuff that's why I'm sending it now. I just wanted to say thanks for organizing that Rhythm City audition for me, it was quite an experience and for some good reason(s) it wasn't nerve wrecking. I hope I get the part because I believe I did well. Everything at the audition went well. My fingers are crossed for me to get the part. All in all, thank you. God bless you.

Good morning Natasha. thank you for the information regarding the shoot tomorrow. The dressing went well his was a busy bee as usual but we got through it. We appreciate your support.

Good day Natasha. I trust you well. I don't think Joshua will make it to the ad. He was just too busy so they could not get the shots they want. Thank you once again for the opportunity. It was a great experience observing all that happens behind the scenes.

The audition was success. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you

Hello Natasha. Its Kahlan. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. I am so excited and I have you to thank for it.

Morning Tasha. Thank you for the great opportunity you gave Palesa Magampa, I hope it went well. Regards Palesa mom

Hi Natasha! Thank you so much for the Shell opportunity auditions, it was really full but we managed to get through, she did audition.

Hi Natasha, Chantelle here using my mother's again to send a message. Well these is just an update about yesterday's audition. It was great and it was an experience to remember. I hope I get the part and if I don’t, I hope I get auditions just like this past one and thank you for everything because all of this wouldn't have been possible without you.

Thank you for the great opportunity you gave Palesa Magampa,i hope it went well. Regards Palesa mom

Good Morning Natasha. Thank you for the invitation to auditions. I'm am so sad my Langa is not feeling well, (teething problems) and will not make to today's Auditions. We look forward to the next auditions, I'm sure he will be at his best.

So excited I just saw my baby boy on tv, for the Edgars ad, we so happy.

Hi Natasha. The photoshoot went well yesterday. Jenna said the previous ad/catalogue came out 2 days ago and that she will send it to you (you may have to remind her). Please forward to me when you get it. Can't wait to see it x

Hi Natasha. Thank you so much the auditions went well. Lindi

Morning Mam I just want to take this opportunity to thank you with everything that you have done for my daughter thanks a lot. Aya's dad.

Morning Jarren did the shoot yesterday, he had a lot of fun. Thank you.

Hi Natasha. Just stopping by to wish you a happy and prosperous 2019. Thank you for making 2018 a memorable one for the boys and I (with their ad airing so much this year, it was amazing to see the joy in their eyes when friends and family told them they saw them on TV so thank you once more and may the Almighty increase you beyond your imagination. Warmest Regards, Matshepo

We had signed up with an agency previously-but to be honest they were shocking. We had one audition which was like a field day for everyone and their dog. I was extremely impressed with this morning. Before my husband passed away, he said that he would like Gemma to do ‘modelling’. Although I have my reservations about it, I felt very comfortable with you and your agency. Thank you for putting me at ease. Nicci

Hello Natasha. Thank you so much for organising the shoot for me. My experience was spectacular. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. From the moment I arrived until the time I left, I felt comfortable being around everyone. It was an amazing feeling seeing all the rugby players and interacting with them. This job was really fantastic and I know that I will be doing similar, if not bigger jobs soon.

Hi Natasha, thank you so much for inviting my daughter to the Edgars auditions. Will definitely be there tomorrow.

Thank you for informing Oluhle Mathe we managed to get at the place on time. It is appreciated to work with you.

Hello Natasha…please DONT forget about the auditions training if you having it this month. Once again thank you for the peanut butter opportunity.

Thank you so much for putting my babies on this platform it really means a lot to me and my husband. It has been always our dream to see our kids on ads. Thank you so much

Natasha thanx and well done we received my son’s payment...you’re a star!! Hope he gets jobs similar to the one he got and myself as well. Can you find out for us the dates and channel once the production is airing the advert? Enjoy you weekend and the rest of your day

Good Morning. Just a quick update. Ethan and Dudu came back home last night. Extremely happy with the experience. Ethan once again was praised by the director and the team for his professionalism and his talent. The video will come out some times in March and be displayed on-line and in New-York apparently. What’s next?

Good day Natasha, Thanks we received the payment, much appreciated for your support and guidance.

Disney Job

Hi Natasha, we went for the auditions this afternoon. We await to hear from you. Thanx for the opportunity. Nthato Mabasa's mom.

Hello Natasha I would like to thank you so much for the audition I got and I would like to ask what should I bring and what kind of advert is it?

This is amazing news. Thank you. You got us a great gig and she did very well.

Hi Natasha, hoping you are well. Just wanted to thank you once more, everything went well on Friday. Phakamile will come again on the 2nd for the training.

Thanks Natasha, we went for the little ones on Monday. They enjoyed it, they were ticket 175&176 and Siki for 13-16 yesterday was ticket no.468. Thanks again

Thank you we received the money. Much appreciated. Can’t wait for our next one, we have lots of people calling and saying they have seen her on TV!!!

Thanks Natasha we attended both auditions and COCA COLA shooting and my daughter was so lucky as she was not even ready but they shortlisted her at GRAYS for Simba auditions also son of 18 yrs. shortlisted. Looking forward to work with you

Greetings. We took Zipho to the Fanta call-back yesterday. We can never thank you enough for such opportunities.

Good evening, today I received calls left, right and centre, they saw my daughter on TV sabc1 thanks to you.

My experience in shooting a Commandos movie was such a great, exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I've learnt a lot, especially because it was my first time acting in an action movie with guns and killings. I've learnt how to be a stunt person in a movie! I learnt and loved so much about the movie even though it was so emotional, and I hope there will be many more opportunities open for me. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and thank you for having faith in me. I'm looking forward for the future.

Love. Palesa

Hi Natasha. We are done with the Ackerman’s audition, thank you for the opportunity even though she cried but that’s because it was her first audition. I would like her to attend training classes kindly advise when is the next class?

Hi. It's Amaal's mother here. We are from the auditions now. Thanks for the opportunity that you have given my daughter.

I just want to thank kids on camera for opening doors for my son in the industry, in less than a month from registration to get his first gig with Edgar's. I must say the professionalism of Kids on camera is outstanding and way above excellence. Thank you, Natasha and team, at Kids on camera

Hi Natasha. Sorry to text you this late. And thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to go to the African Bank audition. This is what happened: Immediately after registering my name at the reception, the guy called all the corporate artists in, I went in together with a group of other artists and I so happened to be the first one to be auditioned,I introduced myself and I didn't know what was expected of me after I did the intro. i asked what elsethey want me to say. Unfortunately, I wasn't shortlisted, but I understand because it was unprofessional of me to just rocked up without knowing the lines. I pray and hope I will do better next time. I will definitely go prepared. Please do let me know when something comes up. Thanks again

Wooooow already ?
You sure are good at your job Natasha I love you guys

Thank you for this glorious opportunity KOC I love this agency , I'm so excited I'm shaking u guys are the best may God keep you guys at this amazing success

Well it got him a shortlist and a good first casting experience. I’m also in the industry and my 4 children have all worked in front of camera. But they need to get to a certain age before I let them go officially into the industry. I warned him that rejection is a big part of the job. So he was prepared and this was a great start. Thank you.

We made it for today. Thank you Natasha the service was awesome

Hi, we went the kids enjoyed I was told I would get feedback on Monday through, the lady liked Tshenolo more but she said its not up to her. Thank you very much

Hi Natasha. I have sent you the email. Thanks once again for giving Denga the opportunity. Much appreciated.

Thank you Natasha, becau of you and KOC I am leaving my dream. I am so happy for the part I got in a popular soapie Muvhango. I am playing the role of Lesedi and its exciting. I am very thankful of this opportunity you gave me and my family. Thanks Kutlwano Goodgall

She loves coming to *Kids on camera* since day 1. I believe the experience will be great 4 her self esteem and confidence as she grows up. Jobs or no jobs kids

I will also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the warm reception and being patient with the children during training.God continue to bless you

Morning ...what a hectic day we had yesterday.....he was also invited to muvhango's wrap party....so overwhelming....they all like him....tnx for giving him this opportunity

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