Audition Training

Television presenting course offered for kids of all ages, ranging from new born up to 35 years old.

This course is affordable and just what your child needs to build up his/her self confidence, so that they are prepared for an audition and they know exactly where to look in the camera and how to carry themselves the way the director would want. After completing the course, each student will receive a certificate.

In the course your child will learn:

  • Self confidence
  • The rules of the industry
  • Exercises on the camera
  • Preparation for singing programme
  • The rules for an audition
  • Voice-over techniques
  • Learn to read and speak scripts and add lib
  • Presenting
  • News reading
  • General camera shots
  • The language of film
  • On-camera techniques
  • Notes on the industry

The benefits of training

We have over 16 years experience / Effective teaching methods / Reliable and friendly service

They will become much more confidant and will be ready to nail that audition!!
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